Hot Drop

Hot Drop Jackpots 

Looking for the freshest and best online jackpots in all of Oz? Then you’ve come to the right place, mate. Now you can play the brand new Hot Drop Jackpots, which are dropping around the clock. We’re talking must win hourly jackpots and daily jackpots on our top games, plus a super jackpot that drops before hitting its max, life-changing prize amount!

If you’ve been doing the math, that’s at least 25 jackpots per day to be won on each of these games! So, how do you play Hot Drop Jackpots? Just fire up any of the games above, and you will see the jackpots coming, thanks to live updates in-game in the flashy jackpot panel. Similar to progressives, the more players play and wager, the bigger the prize pool gets.

Once you’re in, you can spin the reels and enjoy the regular gameplay, but keep your eyes peeled for the Jackpot symbol. Landing 3 anywhere on the reels will trigger the Jackpot Wheel, where you’ll spin for the hourly, daily and super jackpots. And when it stops – you’re the next winner at Joe Fortune! And that’s how you win a Hot Drop Jackpot, folks!

Some of our top online pokies like A Night With Cleo, 777 Deluxe and Golden Buffalo will be available as a Hot Drop Jackpot (or must drop jackpot). That means that a night with Egypt’s most beautiful pharaoh just got to be even more enticing, our favorite fruit machine classic is all the more fantastic, and there’s now a stampede of jackpots to go with a stampede of wins on the fortune frontier.

We won’t pretend we invented a new wheel here, just that we have given it the Joe Fortune treatment. You may have come across this type of game before (maybe even in pubs!). It’s just that we know how to take a good thing and make it all the more grand. And as one of Australia’s most popular online casinos, Joe Fortune always brings you what’s hot and happening.

And just as we expected, with three exciting jackpots that drop on the regular, this new game is catching on quickly!

How to Play Hot Drop Jackpots

Ready to join the party? There’s really nothing to it. Simply click on any of the game cards above to access their version with Hot Drop Jackpots enabled. We’ll be adding new casino games all the time!

Once in and you begin to play the game, you’ll notice the Jackpot panel on the left side, with prize amounts, countdown timers and the progression of each jackpot updated live. This is where things really heat up. Jackpots will glow red hot when their chance of being won is peaking. It’s something to behold (in more ways than one), indicating big real money payouts are about to drop. That’s is the best time to spin it for your chance to win it—and win it someone must!

So what does it take to win a must drop jackpot? What’s the magic combo you want to see flash across the reels? When you see 3 Jackpot symbols appear anywhere, that’s when you know you’re in the money. This unlocks the Wheel of Jackpots. Then one spin will decide which jackpot you just landed, with a better chance of landing whichever one happens to be the hottest! And now you’re the newest winner at our online casino!

What are the Benefits of Playing Hot Drop Jackpots at Joe Fortune?

You’ll be playing for the most daily jackpots and hourly jackpots possible – every day!—plain and simple as that. But the excitement goes beyond simply having more shots to become a winner.

Must drop jackpots take already great games and make them all the more exciting, with heart-pounding action when jackpots start flashing red. The fact that you see when a jackpot is ready to go gives a sense of excitement that you just can’t get from traditional progressive jackpots—which can climb into the millions, but can also take a while to finally be hit.

Plus, there’s a crowd effect happening with Hot Drop Jackpots. As hourly and daily drop jackpots get close to their time limit, more and more players will be spinning, which in turn grows the pots more quickly, making for some epic hauls that drop in a flash.

And at the same time, you’ll still be spinning for all the regular winning combos on our top pokies. For example, A Night with Cleo will still have Cleopatra doubling your winning lines with her seductive Double Up bonus. And Golden Buffalo still comes with 4,096 ways of winning. The difference is you’ll also be playing for additional real cash prizes with Hot Drop Jackpots!

What is a Hot Drop Jackpot?

If it’s the nuts and bolts you’re asking about, then Hot Drop Jackpots (sometimes referred to as Must Drop Jackpots) can be thought of as similar to progressive jackpot pokies. The difference is that they must be won by a certain time or by a max prize amount.

As players spin the reels, a percentage of each wager is added to the prize pools. That’s why the totals keep increasing as time goes on. As their limit approaches, the odds that they will be won increases. Basically, if a jackpot hasn’t already been won and it is inching towards its limit, that’s the best time to get playing! Still, jackpots can land at any time, and we let players know when they have been won live in-game and when the next jackpot will be available.

There are three must drop jackpots available:

What is a Daily Jackpot?

Having a player score this jackpot really makes our day—every day. The daily drop jackpot is a time-bound jackpot that must be won once per day. It’s a regular windfall with some serious weight to it, and it’s bigger than our hourly jackpot, which makes sense because it drops less frequently.

What is an Hourly Jackpot?

With 24 chances to win this one every single day, it’s literally dropping around the clock. This time-bound jackpot goes off once per hour, and when the jackpot has been won before the 60 minutes is up, the countdown timer will let players know when the next hourly jackpot is available.

What is a Super Jackpot?

This is the big one. The life-changer. Unlike the other two jackpots and their time limits, this baby must drop before a maximum prize amount value is reached. So if you see this jackpot flashing red hot, and it’s nearing its top value, you know what to do!

Play Hot Drop Jackpots with Bitcoin at Joe Fortune

You can play Hot Drop Jackpots after depositing with Bitcoin or any other of our crypto casino deposit options. In fact, you’d be wise to try crypto over credit cards or other traditional payment methods because there’s so many extras! Faster payouts – check. Lowest and highest transaction limits – check. How about bigger bonuses? Check, check, check!

It’s true: we regularly offer larger bonuses when you play with Bitcoin, including an increase in our $5,000 Welcome Bonus package. On your first deposit, you’ll get 150% match bonus (instead of just a 100% when you use credit) up to $2,000, with two more match offers available on the next two deposits.

Why Play at Joe Fortune?

Joe Fortune is Australia’s go-to online casino for players who like to have a bit of action available at their fingertips. You can play hundreds of online pokies and table games, including our mega progressive jackpots, and now Hot Drop Jackpots as well. There’s definitely a casino game for everyone! Plus, there’s regular bonuses at the ready to give your account a boost, including Refer A Friend and more. Once you’re a winner, we have some of the fastest payouts in town, supported by 24/7 customer service. But first, you have to get started. Sign up today, claim up to $5,000 in Welcome Bonuses, and start playing the best casino games Down Under.